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Copyright Kerstin Pettersson, Visionshuset, Laxnetorpsv. 6, 64691 Gnesta, Sweden


Kerstin Pettersson

About what? Somebody as an artist? The official picture or the private one? Maybe there is not just one truth, maybe too many. Several persons in one; the old, the young, the clever the stupid, the outgoing and the little one who wants to remain in a corner, preferable alone (or with someone very nice).

I have been painting since I was a small child. Small children have lots of fantasy and a blessed sense of beauty and colour and form. They start school and they lose that sense. They are presented with prefabricated ideas and they make friends with people who have different ideas about the world. They shut the windows to the inside and they start to behave, nicely or badly.

Artists are people who have been conserving their childish fantasies throughout the storms of life, who tucked them away in a box, ready to emerge when it is safe to be childish again.

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Kerstin, a summer some years ago when the sun was shining and wrinkles non excisting.