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Copyright Kerstin Pettersson, Visionshuset, Laxnetorpsv. 6, 64691 Gnesta, Sweden


Kerstin Pettersson

My friend Ebba von Wachenfeldt is the glassblower and artist at the former school in Skeppsta. Now   a glass studio, a café and a gallery. The heat is on in Skeppsta! Go and get lost in the land of glass!

The community house and club in my big little VILLAGE! Read about us! Come and visit Laxne!

My artist friend Bo Löfgren, with big studio in Stockholm and small one in Laxne. Bo is the minimalist driving towards perfection and as I am the maximalist, we have a great time together.

Want to come to our neighbourhood and visit a truly creative garden! Then click above on Branta Täppan and see when they have open garden time!

Great concerts and delicious food, in the wood, surrounded by history.

Clever carpenters who arrive on time and never create a mess, just beautiful handiwork.

My sister Lena Pettersson lives in Spain, in Sierra de Gredos. 4 km from the village Navaluenga. She and her friend Maruja put a lot of work into the blog above. If you speak Spanish I recommend you to read the texts about today´s Spain in reality and not the picture you get in the big newspapers. If you do not understand Spanish you can still scroll the pages and look for my sisters beautiful photos of a truly interesting region. And if you look for a place to stay, there are the nice apartments that Maruja and Augustin built alongside their house. If you want to know more, post a message on the blog (in English, Swedish or Spanish).

If you are tired of shining white walls and decluttered surroundings you should definitely go to Slapback Vintage in Trosa town. Step back into the fifties and relax, one can still have fun… Bengt Walentin is a musician and a highly skilled hairdresser. To get a new hair cut you have to book months in advance. To have an experience, you can open the door tomorrow and have a look around and it will make you happy.

Bengt Walentin är musiker och en fantastisk frisör. Tillsammans med sin fru Bella har han återskapat femtiotalet och öppnat Slapback Vintage, en alldeles egen och lyckligare värld.

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Marie Söderman is my very best friend and has been so since we were both fifteen. She is also a talented illustrator and artist. I love her sun paintings. If you want to see them, then go to her website and click “Målningar”!

Min allra bästa vän sen jag var femton år heter Marie Söderman. Med henne kan jag inte bara diskutera livet utan också målningstekniker. Marie är illustratör och konstnär. Bilden till höger är en av hennes “solmålningar”. På hennes hemsida kan du se fler bilder.

Tomas is a “real” professional. A photographer who once knew every trick in the darkroom and who taught me something of it. I still remember his story about the young elephant at the zoo who was chasing Tomas when he was trying to work…

Taking brilliant photos is not just a question of technic and having an eye for harmony. To be able to catch the model in a relaxed moment is equally important. I suggest you have a look at Tomas´ photos from India! I love them!

Denise Crolle-Terzaghi is a very versatile artist and my friend.

Above is her website and blog.

My companion who is a doctor and who started to pour his paintings.

A little Facebook page of mine.