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Copyright Kerstin Pettersson, Visionshuset, Laxnetorpsv. 6, 64691 Gnesta, Sweden


Kerstin Pettersson


My name is Kerstin Agneta Pettersson and I am an artist. I have been this for a rather long time since I made my decision as a child. I also write; tales, poems and facts. I teach art at courses. I live in a tiny Swedish village named Laxne. Since I spent much of my time in other countries and with other languages I speak German, English, Hungarian, Spanish and a little bit of French, besides speaking Swedish, of course. Below is my signature as an artist. You will find it on all my paintings.

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Varför ska vi ha Konst och konstnärer? Är de verkligen nödvändiga, dessa bevärliga typer som vägrar inordna sig i systemet? Nå, ska vi helt enkelt avskaffa dem? Läs vad som händer under “Texts & more”!

Och tänk om de ritar fel saker! Så att de kränker någon… någon av alla dessa väldigt lättkränkta personer som har patent på sanningen.

Tänk så livsfarliga de är, alla dessa tecknare, som man inte har kontroll över.

Ja, tänk.

Kerstin i Budapest 1990

I do not care for trends and empty talk.

I love caricatures and fairytales. I think a real artist should be able to create with hands and brain and not rely upon a computer to do the job. We are not machines and that´s the beauty of it. There is still so much to learn and explore.

Water colours, acrylics, oil, sculptures,  wood carving, mosaique… why keep yourself  within limits? Yes, why really?

Summer 2016 I made three pastels of calves. I plan to make a whole series. You can see them  under “More paintings”.

Young Indian wedding guests, 2019, sold

This website is huge and I want it like that, like a cupboard containing a lot of the things I had done as an artist. I rarely remove paintings, I just place them further down at the different pages. My life and my carrier have gone through a lot of stages.

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My blog:

Learn more on my blog.

Sometimes I did write a lot there, sometimes there was a time gap. But the blog remains.

Kerstin Pettersson is paintings animals, portraits, landscapes, caricatures…

Yes, I do. And everything else.