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Copyright Kerstin Pettersson, Visionshuset, Laxnetorpsv. 6, 64691 Gnesta, Sweden


Kerstin Pettersson


My name is Kerstin Agneta Pettersson and I am an artist. I have been this for a rather long time since I made my decision quite early. I also write; tales, poems and facts. I teach art at courses. I live in a tiny Swedish village named Laxne. Since I spent much of my time in other countries and with other languages I speak German, English, Hungarian, Spanish and a little bit of French, besides speaking Swedish, of course. Below is my signature as an artist. You will find it on all my paintings.

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PRISER?  PRICES? LET US TALK ABOUT THEM. THEY ARE NOT SPELLED OUT ON THE WEB SITE BECAUSE THEY MIGHT DIFFER FROM TIME TO TIME. A A3 print will be around 300 SEK, the very smallest painting maybe 400 SEK. The really big ones around 50000 SEK. All the others are somewhere in between. The best thing is to ask, if you are interested.

I  have this annoying habit of sometimes writing in English, sometimes in Swedish. In my village when I meet my friends who started their lives abroad, we chatter away in English or… Hungarian…and then we switch if something is easier said in Swedish. Here I want many people to understand, that is why I mainly write in English. On the buttons above I used the Swedish word Länkar instead of the English Links. And Utställningar means Exhibitions. See there, you already know two Swedish words!

Laxne right now, my one village in the world. The places for you can be many, but roots have to grow somewhere.

If you look carefully on the photo, and not on mobile screen, you might see my black dog.

“Ondskan är inte särskilt sofistikerad, säger man, den är lättare än man tror att förklara. Det man inte själv förmår skapa river man ned, krossar, trampar på. Man blundar för nederlaget genom att utplåna åskådarna.” (Ur “Och hästen sökte sina vingar”.)

Dogs have no mobiles, no computers and do not fancy expensive clothes… Give them dirty holes to dig into and places to run and most of them are happy. This is Saimo (Jarmo), our new and second dog.

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Varför ska vi ha Konst och konstnärer? Är de verkligen nödvändiga, dessa bevärliga typer som vägrar inordna sig i systemet? Nå, ska vi helt enkelt avskaffa dem? Läs vad som händer under “Texts & more”!

Och tänk om de ritar fel saker! Så att de kränker någon… någon av alla dessa väldigt lättkränkta personer som har patent på sanningen.

Tänk så livsfarliga de är, alla dessa tecknare, som man inte har kontroll över.

Ja, tänk.

“Glamorous girls”, 120 x 150cm

My blog:

New exhibition starting 30th of July in Blacksta By, which is a picturesque village between Gnesta and Mariefred (in Sweden, yes!). Normally the black house on the hill is hard to find, behind all the red farmhouses that look like something made up by Astrid Lindgren, BUT… on this occasion there will be SIGNBOARDS… Look out for the bus stop and turn. Follow the signs!

The gallery has a café and a nicer place to stay is hard to find.

The exhibition is open from 30th July to 31th July, and the 6-7th of August. All days from one o´clock in the afternoon to five.

Search on Google for Blackstaberg, Gnesta, to find your way!

If you miss this occasion, you can visit me on the “Gnesta kommuns konstrunda”, 3-4th of September, in Laxne, in my house. Only this time.

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